RC Airplane Training Course Level 3

This training course will take RC Pilots (Students) who is ready for more challenge – RC Airplane Freestyle or Precision Aerobatics!  Like all other training course with RC DOJO, it is always very dynamic, easy to learn, highly interactive course and definitely a lot of fun.


This course is slightly different from level 1 and level 2.  In Level 3, all flying sessions are conducted in the SIM (coached session).  The idea is that the RC Pilot (Student) that register for Level 3 has already obtained a certain degree of good aerobatic flying skills which they will want to enhance their experience in either learning the Freestyle Aerobatic or Precision Aerobatics with their own RC airplane.  Therefore, this course is equipped with a 120min Advance Aircraft bench set-up session with RC DOJO to allow the RC Pilot (Student) to test fly and begin flying their RC aircraft after completing the Level 3 training.

Included in the course

  • Online Course Structure
  • Schedule Booking
  • Online Course Material (with video instructions)
  • Snacks & Refreshments during the Advance plane set up session at the RC Field
  • RC DOJO Merchandise

Provided Equipment

  • No Aircraft is provided by RC DOJO.
  • Student RC Pilot aircraft for Advance Setup Services.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: RC DOJO requires 2 days (Maximum) to inspect the Student’s RC Aircraft prior to Level 3 Course.

Training Duration

  • Approximately 2 days in total (1 week) for Online Simulator Coaching
  • 1 day at the field for Advance Aircraft Setup Course (120min)
  • We do expect students to practice on the Simulator as well at their own time for approximately 45 mins to 1 hour per day after the online Simulator coaching session.


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