About Us

RC DOJO in Dubai UAE, is founded in 2021 by two very passionate individuals in the field of RC model flying.  RC DOJO is developed from recognising the need to re-invent the current trend of RC model flying both as a hobby and as a tool to continually inspire curiosity, passion, excitement and talent, with a touch of art and discipline.  It also serves as an opportunity for anyone to separate from their mundane day to day activities to achieve gratifying experience through the magic of RC Flying.

RC DOJO brand name came from the names of Ludo and Jonathan and their passion in Radio Controlled model flying.  The word “DOJO” also means either “a place to pursue” or “a place of the way”.  Thus, RC DOJO is a special place for you to pursue your dream by providing a way to succeed and experience a great dimension in your life through the world of radio control aeromodelling.

We focus very highly on providing high quality RC model flying training courses/coaching. RC DOJO also aims to provide an online retail drop-shop for hobbyists as well as contract professional services for commercial engagements.

With that in mind, RC DOJO has specifically developed our own training program for RC Airplane and RC Helicopter from combining years of experience in this field, to grow the sport to create a  fun-filled experience as well as providing guidance towards safe RC flying practices.

If we can Dream, we can definitely Aspire to Achieve!


Learn & Train

By combining the knowledge and the ability to practice with RC DOJO, you will achieve far better results in a shorter duration.  RC DOJO has developed training courses that cover beginner, intermediate and advanced level RC flying students.

Safe Practice

By having good self-discipline will result in a much safer practice both for yourself and your friends around you.  RC models are not toys.  It is very important to fly safely as that is EVERY RC pilot’s responsibility.

Systematic Approach

RC DOJO is systematic in our ways. Starting from the “big picture” and breaking it down into a series of small steps that makes training/learning extremely pleasant & effective.

Making the Right Choices

Through the training, learning and the self-discipline, you will have the ability to make better choices moving forward.  RC DOJO is always happy to help RC pilots and students to make the right choices for either their first model or “another” model by providing sensible & informed recommendations.


By learning RC flying the proper way, you will develop a sense of respect that encourages self-discipline in whatever you do.  RC DOJO aims to guide you through your learning and training to achieve it.


Now you have learnt, now you have trained, now you have developed a new skill, it will definitely be fun!


Learning and training with RC DOJO is simple. RC DOJO provides all the materials, the coaching (both online and at the flying field) with designated RC DOJO equipment.  All you have to do is sign up for the course, turn up on time based on the schedule and enjoy the fun!

RC DOJO in Dubai, provides all our training at the Skyhub Dubai RC flying club in Al Lisaili.  This is to ensure safety and a responsible conduct on the designated facility custom-built for this hobby.  RC Flying students must always follow the RC Club’s rules at all times.   Once the students have completed their training and now decided to fly comfortably on their own, then they must register as a member of the RC Club (for a minimal yearly fee).  This will also allow students to enjoy other RC Club facilities as well.

For online purchases with RC DOJO, access our shop page and make a purchase online.

For professional services, we encourage companies who wish to collaborate with RC DOJO to contact us directly via our contact page.


A Team of dedicated and passionate hobbyists at your service.

Ludovic "Ludo" Bonnan

Ludovic "Ludo" Bonnan

Partner / Co-Founder


Sensei Ludo is natural-born RC Airplane Aerobat!  His big passion is in Big Gas Engine Aerobatic Plane!  His flying style reminds everyone of a beautiful symphony orchestra rhythm.  With his professional background in IT/Media production and computer science, he brings strong professional qualities & discipline into his RC flying.  He is super keen to share it with all of you.  Sensei Ludo also has his own personal website, check it out: rcludo.com.

Oh…and by the way, he loves flying RC helicopter too!  Please don’t be shy to approach him for RC helicopters tips, suggestions and some lessons too!

Jonathan "Jono" Huang

Jonathan "Jono" Huang

Partner / Co-Founder


Sensei Jono is a true RC Aeromodeler at heart.  RC Helicopter is his passion!  Like those loud classic rock music is the way he flies his helis!  His professional background in the design/engineering of super-tall buildings brings a combination of passion, “thinking outside the box” creativity and simplicity into everything he does, including his love & approach for this hobby.  He is always there to share his knowledge and experience of RC Helicopter flying with you. 

But don’t forget……he also flies RC Airplanes too….so again, please don’t be shy to approach him for some RC Airplane lessons!