Ludovic Bonnan

Partner / Co-Founder

A natural-born RC Airplane Aerobat!  His big passion is in Big Gas Engine Aerobatic Plane!  His flying style reminds everyone of a beautiful rhythm from a symphony orchestra.  With his professional background in IT/Media production and computer science, he brings strong professional qualities & discipline into his flying skills. He is super keen to share it with all of you.  Check out his own website too at

With a strong background in Project Management, Graphic/Web/Motion Designer/Film Making as well as UAV Operator over the last two decades, Ludo brings excellent creativity, attention to detail problem solving capability and exemplary craftsmanship towards the training and teaching in the course.

Ludo holds professional licenses in Ultra-Light Aircraft (DGAC Bordeaux, France), Drones/UAV under 25kg (DGAC Bordeaux, France/DCAA Dubai, UAE) and FIA Car Rally Pilot/Co-Pilot (Club Grand-Maghreb Rabat, Morroco).

Amongst his professional achievements, he has also received great accolades and awards through his work in Film Festivals such as Cine Drones – First International Drone Film Festival 2014 (Bordeaux, France), Surf Film Festival 2007 for Surf Session Magazine DVD Production (Madagascar Surf Trip Documentary) and participated to three Guinness World Record for Live shows.

Finally, Ludo is always looking forward to meeting new RC hobbyist and always strive to bring the best out of his students every time they fly together.

Oh…and by the way, besides flying RC aircraft, he pasionate about scuba diving and flying RC helicopters too!  Please don’t be shy to approach him for some RC helicopters tips and some lessons too!